Will Re-Fracking be the Shale Drilling Industry’s Next Big Move?


With oil prices continuing to languish, companies like Halliburton and Schlumberger have started talking up a way to get more shale oil and gas for less money: re-fracking wells drilled over the past 10 years, kick-starting flagging production and pumping out more shale oil and gas while spending less than the cost of a new well. Excitement has spread among oil companies and investment analysts alike. Click here for reuse options! Tags: frackingre-frackingre-completionre-stimulaterefrackingshaleoil and gasshale oilshale gasinvestorsinvestmentstocksHalliburtonSchlumbergerChesapeake Energywell lifeEURShale Reservesoil reservesShale DrillingProductiondeclinescostsregulatorsenvironmental impactsearthquakeswastewaterwater consumption


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