EPA Study: Fracking Puts Drinking Water Supplies at Risk of Contamination


The Environmental Protection Agency has released its long awaited draft assessment of the impacts that fracking has on the nation’s drinking water supplies — confirming that the process does indeed contaminate water. “From our assessment, we conclude there are above and below ground mechanisms by which hydraulic fracturing activities have the potential to impact drinking water resources,” the EPA wrote. The impacts take a variety of forms, the EPA wrote, listing the effects of water consumption especially in arid regions or during droughts, chemical and wastewater spills, “fracturing directly into underground drinking water resources,” the movement of liquids and gasses below ground “and inadequate treatment and discharge of wastewater.” The agency wrote that it had documented “specific instances” where each of those problems had in fact happened and some cases where multiple problems combined to pollute water supplies. Click here for reuse options! Tags: EPAEnvironmental Protection Agencyobamafrackingshale gasshale oilhydraulic fracturingWater Contaminationwaterdrinking waterpollutionaquiferswastewaterRadioactivebrineflowbackcommunitiesresidentsproximityair pollutionriskshazardspercentagesconfirmsdocumented casewidespreadsystemicwidespread, systemic


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